International Studies, M.S.

Program Description

Prepares students for careers in government, non-profit foundations and NGOs, for-profit entities, and institutions offering transnational services. Program provides students with skills to address international issues. Emphasis on interconnectedness and diversity.

Learning Outcomes

  1. demonstrate tolerance of and insights into the diversity of cultural values, beliefs and worldviews;
  2. demonstrate advanced proficiency in the history, culture, and language(s) of a particular world region;
  3. demonstrate detailed knowledge of the interconnectedness of global phenomena;
  4. critically approach social, political, and economic cultural issues of a global nature;
  5. collect and analyze data on several projects of a global scope or which relate to a particular world area;
  6. produce and defend an extensive scholarly paper (thesis or capstone project), based on primary research, that focuses on a single world area or links diverse world areas in a global theme;
  7. demonstrate international competency, theoretical mastery, use of literature, data, evidence, and argument at an advanced level in the scholarly paper;