Journalism, BA

This program is offered by the Journalism Department

Program Description

Students in the 40-credit Journalism program gain training across various media, from photo and video production to print and broadcast journalism. With the assistance of an adviser, students may customize their degree to include experiences that will give them a professional edge. Customization options include sports or environmental reporting, or special capstone projects intended to give students an immersive experience reporting an in-depth project.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Gather, analyze and create journalism on contemporary issues for print, broadcast and other digital media.
  2. Write and edit clear, graceful, grammatically correct prose.
  3. Analyze numerical data and utilize databases for multi-layered storytelling.
  4. Use reliable visual aids to tell stories ethically.
  5. Produce work incorporating diverse groups and perspectives, including racial, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religious concerns, on local, national and international issues.
  6. Demonstrate an awareness of journalism as an ethical practice.
  7. Demonstrate preparation for an entry-level position in the profession through a portfolio exhibiting their work.