Mathematics, B.A.

This program is offered by the Mathematical Sciences Department

Program Description

The Mathematics Department offers five undergraduate programs, including the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. Students in this program acquire a deeper understanding of mathematical analysis and applied mathematics. Major requirements include Calculus I, II, and III; linear and abstract algebra; an introduction to the theory of functions; and an in-depth seminar on significant mathematical theorems and the proofs behind them. Required major electives will allow students to further customize their academic track with course options such as Number Theory; Fractal Geometry and Chaos; Introduction to Mathematica; advanced studies in statistics and actuarial science; and more, plus internship and independent study options.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand basic analytic arguments using such common notions as
    epsilon/delta, infinite sums, and limits.
  2. Understand basic algebraic and discrete notions, such as facts about vector
    spaces and counting arguments.
  3. Be able to follow and recreate algebraic proofs, with a good understanding of
  4. Be able to both follow and recreate analytic proofs, including basic ideas
    involving abstract metric spaces and differential equations.
  5. Be able to independently investigate more advanced topics in mathematics and
    present their results to others in a clear way