Mechanical Engineering, B.S.

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This program is offered by the Engineering Department

Program Curriculum

A minor is not required with this major.

Mechanical Engineering Program Educational Objectives

The Mechanical Engineering program seeks to prepare graduates who, after the first few years of their career, have:

  1. Established themselves as valued practicing mechanical engineers working primarily in the region.
  2. Become supportive members of the community and active professionally, seeking continuous improvement of skills and professional growth.

In addition to CCSU admissions standards, admission to the undergraduate Civil Engineering (CE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME) programs requires completion of, or eligibility to enroll in, MATH 152 (Calculus I).

The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering is a program of study requiring 128-136 credits of undergraduate work, including a two-term senior project capstone requirement completed through oral and written reports. If desired, the candidate may also choose an appropriate sequence of elective courses for concentration in Manufacturing, or Aerospace.

Required coursework can be grouped in four categories: General Education, Major Requirements, Electives or Concentration Requirements, and Additional Requirements.


For all majors a minimum grade of C- is required in all courses in the major, all additional course requirements as well as courses in Study Area IV, Skill Area I, and Skill Area II


I. General Education

NOTE: Distribution requirements are similar to the existing Engineering Technology General Education requirements.

Study Area I: Arts and Humanities


  Philosophy or Fne Arts  

  Literature, Philosophy or Fine Arts (3)  

Study Area II: Social Sciences


  ECON or GEOG or HIST or PS or ET  

Study Area III: Behavioral Sciences

  Anthropology, Psychology, or Sociology  

Skill Area III: Foreign Language Proficiency

Skill Area IV: University Requirement