Music Education, M.S.

This program is not accepting new students at this time

This program is offered by the Music Department

Program Description

Provides professional training in music education, performance, composition, music theory, music history, and education to certified music teachers. Courses offer hands-on experiences and practical teaching techniques. Graduates develop the analytic and critical skills.

Learning Outcomes

Each student in this program is expected to:

  1. exhibit knowledge of different philosophies of music education and develop a personal philosophical foundation for his/her career;
  2. exhibit knowledge of current issues and trends in music education and education;
  3. demonstrate the ability to organize, interpret, synthesize, and evaluate knowledge in music, music education, and education;
  4. demonstrate competence in oral, written, and communication skills and the ability to disseminate knowledge in a scholarly, coherent, and organized manner;
  5. demonstrate the ability evaluate research in music education, and to conduct research;