MSN in Hospice and Palliative Care


Admissions Requirements

Admission Requirements:

Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree (BSN in Nursing preferred) from a regionally accredited institution of higher education and have their RN license. Applicants must also have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.70 on a 4.00 point scale (where A is 4.00), or its equivalent, and good standing (3.00 GPA) in all post-baccalaureate course work. 

Conditional Admissions:

An applicant for this Masters Program who does not meet regular admissions standards but has an undergraduate GPA between 2.50 and 2.69 may be considered for conditional admission. The conditional admission program is an arrangement allowing a student to demonstrate successful performance during their first semester in the graduate program.

The Application Process:

  1. Applicants must submit a completed application for admission to graduate study as well as official transcripts from all institutions where undergraduate and graduate work has been done to the Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Office.
  2. Applicants must submit a narrative statement describing their professional goals as well as any educational or professional experiences that may assist the department's admissions committee in reviewing the application.
  3. Applicants must also submit contact information for two references, one from an academic/professional source and one from nursing employer who can specify length of time and direct responsibilities of the applicant in an RN nursing position. 
  4. Applicants must have a grade of C+ or higher in an undergraduate statistics course.
  5. The application deadline for the Fall term is August 1.
  6. Instructions for submitting the narrative and references can be found within the online graduate application.