Construction ManagementOfficial Certificate Program

This program is offered by the Manufacturing & Construction Management Department

Program Description

For managers and supervisors, prepares for advancement in the construction industry. Provides a broad range of topics including resource management, contractual obligations and risks, design, planning and personnel issues.

Learning Outcomes

Students in this certificate program will:

  1. Approach data science using a scientific approach via a systematic process that avoids expensive mistakes by assessing and accounting for the true costs of making various errors.
  2. Apply data science using a systematic process by implementing an adaptive and iterative framework that includes the following phases: research understanding, data understanding, data exploration, data modeling, evaluation, and deployment.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency with leading open-source analytics software such as R and Python, as well as commercial platforms such as IBM/SPSS Modeler.
  4. Understand and apply a wide range of clustering, estimation, prediction, and classification algorithms.
  5. Learn more specialized techniques by choosing a track in bioinformatics, text analytics, advanced methods, or algorithms.