Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

The Official Certificate Program (OCP) in Gerontology is designed to prepare students to meet the growing demand for professionals who understand the opportunities, concerns, and needs associated with our aging population. The program is geared toward a diverse group of students and professionals who desire to increase their aging literacy and find their niche in this growing and exciting field. The U.S. Department of Labor has identified careers in aging as a high-growth industry. The program curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each student within this interdisciplinary field and can be applied to a wide variety of careers including medicine and caregiving, social service and non-profits, policy and outreach, business and marketing, architecture and urban planning, law and advocacy, exercise science, and management and administration. A graduate certificate in gerontology will provide graduates with a solid foundation in gerontology that will allow them to better meet the needs of the aging population within their particular field or industry.

The certificate can be completed independently or combined with a master’s or other graduate program.