Philosophy, BA

This program is offered by the Philosophy Department

Program Description

The study of philosophy develops many skills, such as critical thinking; clear written communication on complex topics; reasoning and argumentation; consideration of many perspectives on a single subject; and consideration of ethics and values in public and private spheres.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe theories, principles, and concepts representing a wide range of the history of philosophy.
  2. Apply philosophical theories, principles, and concepts to novel scenarios
  3. Analyze philosophical arguments logically and critically
  4. Defend views on philosophical issues with clear and well-reasoned arguments

Student Testimonials

Majoring in Philosophy has broadened my understanding of ethics and Asian cultures, and has improved my writing and thinking. The knowledge gained in the program has helped me to be a better HR professional.
–Sidra Soomro, Class of 2014

There is no area of one's professional or personal life that does not benefit from the academic study of philosophy. In addition to setting me apart in a very positive way from other medical school applicants, majoring in philosophy helped me secure a very good "real job" after graduating CCSU.
–William Doemland, Class of 2016