Art Education (K-12)Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Preparation

This program is offered by the Art Department

Program Description

Students who already hold a bachelor's degree may pursue teacher certification through our post-baccalaureate program. This program prepares students for teacher certification in Art Education (PK-12) and does not result in a master's degree.

Learning Outcomes

  1. tent: Art Making - Art teacher candidates will demonstrate knowledge of appropriate techniques and processes in a variety of visual media.
    Content: Art in Context - Art teacher candidates will demonstrate knowledge of art forms, artists, and art works from diverse historical and contemporary contexts.
    Pedagogy: Planning - Teacher candidates will design comprehensive, sequential art curriculum that incorporates a variety of teaching strategies and considers the developmental appropriateness of K-12 students.
    Pedagogy: Applying - Art teacher candidates will use a variety of teaching and assessment strategies to promote students\' conceptual learning and artistic achievement during select field and student teaching experiences.
    Reflective Practitioner - Art teacher candidates will engage in self-reflection and analysis of their field and teaching experiences to identify areas for personal growth.