Public History, Minor

Program Curriculum

The minor in Public History prepares students for non-teaching careers as historians outside the academy. Emphasis is placed on exposing students to the broad range of skills and issues associated with careers in museums, archives, historic preservation agencies, heritage tourism, historic site assessment, cultural resource management, and other careers that utilize the skills of the historian outside of the classroom setting. The minor provides a foundation for history majors seeking employment as public historians and also prepares students for graduate study in public history.

Drawing on the recommendations of the National Council on Public History for undergraduate programs in Public History,[1] this minor will stress:

·         exposing  students to the diversity of careers in Public History

·         historical skills

·         applied research

·         interdisciplinary methods of research and inquiry into the historical past

·         field research/internships/community engagement projects


[1] For these recommendations see:

Requirements (18 credits)

Required Courses (9-10 Credits):

300-level U.S. History course (3 credits)

Students can take HIST 403 and HIST 492, but one will count towards their required electives.

Directed Electives (9 credits):

HIST 305 Connecticut and the Nation 3 Credits

HIST 403 Public History Project 3 Credits

HIST 404 American Material Culture 3 Credits

HIST 405 Local History and Community Development 4 Credits

HIST 455 Topics in Latin American History 3 Credits

HIST 492 Public History Intern Experience 0-4 Credits

ANTH 150 Introduction to Archaeology 3 Credits

ANTH 210 The Ancient World 3 Credits

ANTH 322 Historical Archaeology 3 Credits

ANTH 329 Experimental Archaeology 3 Credits

ANTH 418 New England Prehistory 3 Credits

ANTH 450 Archaeological Field School 3-6 Credits

ART 110 Introduction to Art History 3 Credits

ART 216 Modern Art 3 Credits

ART 270 Art in Community 0 Credits

ART 414 American Art 3 Credits

ART 490 Curatorship 3 Credits

ART 420 Issues in Contemporary Art 3 Credits

ART 491 Aesthetic and Critical Dialogue About Art 3 Credits

WRT 370 Creative Nonfiction I 3 Credits

WRT 382 Travel Writing 3 Credits

JRN 381 Opinion Writing 3 Credits

GEOG 130 Introduction to Geography Information Science 3 Credits

GEOG 241 Introduction to Planning 3 Credits

GEOG 276 Elementary Cartography 3 Credits

GEOG 290 Geography of Tourism 3 Credits

GEOG 291 National Parks and World Heritage Sites 3 Credits

GEOG 378 Geographic Information Systems 3 Credits

GEOG 433 Issues in Environmental Protection 3 Credits

GEOG 439 Urban Geography 3 Credits

GEOG 441 Community & Regional Planning 3 Credits

GEOG 445 Environmental Planning 3 Credits

GEOG 450 Tourism Planning 3 Credits

GEOG 451 Tourism Development in Southern New England 3 Credits

GEOG 472 Topics in Physical Geography 3 Credits

GEOG 475 Energy Resources and Climate Change 3 Credits

GEOG 483 Topics in Planning 3 Credits

SOC 411 Oral History for the Social Sciences 4 Credits

THS 300 The Hospitality Industry 0 Credits

No more than 6 credits may be taken from any one discipline. Other courses, such as certain special topics courses like HIST 395, may be available if they address some specific aspect of public history. Consult the Public History Coordinator for current options.

Students wishing to take HIST 404 or HIST 405 should contact the chair of the department for a waiver of HIST 301.

Total Credit Hours: 18


Coordinators of the Public History, Minor program