Racial Justice Certificate Program

Program Description

The interdisciplinary Certificate in Racial Justice is designed to educate currently enrolled students and continuing education students about such concepts as anti-racism, advocacy, white privilege, and institutionalized racism in the United States.  The anti-racist education will expand an understanding of systemic racism in the United States, educating citizens and students about how to advocate for and begin to repair social, cultural, economic, and legal inequalities that affect our neighborhoods and our nation.  

Completing this certificate will allow professionals in fields such as education, nursing, social work, business and management, political reform, and criminal justice, to holistically serve various cultural groups with an understanding and appreciation of the social, political, and racial contexts of their lives.

All courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better. Up to 9 credits from the Certificate in Racial Justice Program may be applied toward a minor in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences per permission of the Department Chair.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to

  1. Understand how cultural representation directly affects political representation;
  2. Interrogate their own assumptions about race and racial difference;
  3. Unpack the causes and effects of systemic racism in the U.S.;
  4. Excel in careers that treat and demand racial justice;
  5. Advocate for racial justice in the United States through community engagement;