Social Justice, Minor

This program is offered by the Philosophy Department

Program Description

The Philosophy department minor in Social Justice introduces students to philosophical literature and analysis through the examination of concepts and theories related to social justice, such as those concerning equality, democracy, and oppression. Moreover, through their coursework, students will apply philosophical concepts and theories to contemporary issues of social justice within the United States, such as racism in the criminal justice system, affirmative action, poverty, gender-based violence, and welfare. Finally, students will work to develop and improve their skills in philosophical reasoning, discourse, writing, and problem solving, particularly as these apply to questions and concerns of social justice.

Program Curriculum

The minor in Social Justice provides students with a solid background in philosophical concepts and theories of social justice, and fosters skills necessary for critical analysis of social justice issues that arise in contemporary society. (This minor is not open to Philosophy majors).

Requirements: (18 credits)

Total Credit Hours: 18


Professors who teach Social Justice, Minor

Audra King
Willard-DiLoreto Hall W 30410