Software Engineering, M.S.

This program is offered by the Computer Science Department

Program Description

Stay ahead of the curve in a constantly changing, rapidly advancing field or ramp up to join one of the fastest growing, in-demand professions. Fresh out of college or mid-career professional, the CCSU MS in Software Engineering is the ideal program for you!

Learning Outcomes

Students in this program will:

  1. Have the ability to identify, formulate, and solve software engineering problems in a variety of application settings;
  2. Understand modern software engineering concepts, techniques, practices, and tools and to apply them to the development of complex software systems;
  3. Possess advanced level software development skills and demonstrate in-depth knowledge in at least one computer science area;
  4. Recognize the need for, and have the ability to engage in, continuing professional development; and
  5. Have the ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences and possess skills needed to work successfully as a part of a team.