Master of Arts in Teaching

Specializations in English, History/Social Studies, World Languages, Science, Special Education, & Technology Education

The MAT program is a selective graduate-level certification program that prepares qualified students for careers as teachers in the shortage areas. Current specializations include secondary English, History/Social Studies, World Languages, Sciences, Spanish, Special Education (K-12), and Technology & Engineering Education.

The MAT program is designed to co-prepare secondary educators and special educators to meet the needs of all learners within the general education classroom, including those at risk and students with disabilities. Candidates experience cross disciplinary preparation wherever possible, building content teaching expertise in their specialization and relating each discipline to the larger school context. Candidates learn how to support students' literacy and language demands within their discipline, which is a particular need in today's secondary classrooms.

The MAT program provides an accelerated route into shortage area classrooms while meeting all state and national accreditation standards. The full schedule of classes, field experiences, and full-time student teaching in assigned public school settings will be very demanding; therefore it is extremely difficult to maintain even part-time employment throughout the program. Candidates complete the program in a cohort that begins in late January of each year and ends in late May of the following calendar year. Due to reorganization and improvement of the program, the next cohort will not begin until January 2023.

What Our Students Are Saying

Jennifer Cardines

The M.A.T program prepares emerging teachers for success and provides strategies to keep them in the field. The professors are great and come with classroom and administrative experience to model best practices in the moment. I feel confident and prepared as a first-year teacher due to the rigorous

Michael Sobolewski

Teaching is a constantly evolving field. Pursuing my MAT degree at CCSU gave me the opportunity to learn and experience not only the most current best practices in teaching, but the ability to become a lifelong educator. The demands and rigor of the MAT program perfectly mirrored the challenges of my first-year in the classroom, and I could not have chosen a better professional program to prepare for the job of my dreams.


Admission Information

Both full-time and extended timeline programs begin in late May; early application is strongly encouraged to allow candidates to complete any needed prerequisites and take full advantage of financial aid. To be considered for admission, applicants must demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions expected of teacher candidates. Initial assessments will be made through review of complete applications. Fully qualified candidates will be invited to participate in an admissions interview.

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