Theatre with Specialization in Performance, B.F.A.

This program is offered by the Theatre Department

Program Description

The Theatre with Specialization in Performance program guides students in the practical application of techniques and theory, plus personal awareness, to prepare them for productive participation in an increasingly diverse and multicultural world. Electives in this specialization include Shakespearean Production, Modern Dance and Theory, Advanced Voice Development, and Principles of Choreography, among others. Theatre majors participate in a season of plays and other theatrical events; work with area high school students in outreach programs; and often perform with Hartford, New Haven, and other regional theatre groups.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to identify key elements and vernacular of theatre history, theory and practice.
  2. Students will come to an understanding of the self as a creative source within the practice of the narrative and/or technical mechanics of the stage.
  3. Through the practice of written and/or oral communication skills, students will utilize their understanding of the interrelationship of theatrical disciplines.
  4. Students will demonstrate the application of research and how it informs and expands the theatrical process.
  5. Students' ability to think and speak critically and constructively about one's own as well as others' production and/or performance work will increase.
  6. Students will evaluate their overall comprehension of theatre history and practice to plan specific post-graduate experiences.
  7. Students will synthesize their understanding of theatre practice and self-awareness to adopt creative approaches to life-long learning.