Theatre with Specialization in Technology, Design and Production, B.F.A.

This program is offered by the Theatre Department

Program Description

The Theatre with Specialization in Technology, Design and Production program guides students in the practical application of techniques and theory, plus personal awareness, to prepare them for productive participation in an increasingly diverse and multicultural world. Coursework in this specialization focuses on stagecraft, costuming, lighting, sound, script analysis, and other important technical aspects of theatrical production. Theatre majors also participate in a season of plays and other theatrical events; work with area high school students in outreach programs; and often perform with Hartford, New Haven, and other regional theatre groups.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analysis: Students will analyze interrelationship of theatrical disciplines in performance or design by constructively critiquing classwork, theatrical production and performances.
  2. Technique: Students will demonstrate the mastery of performance craft by applying research to a practical or theoretical creation.
  3. Collaboration: Students will demonstrate the ability to work in a team in an environment reflective of professional theatre practice.
  4. Productivity: Students will exhibit preparedness by actively participating in the mounting of productions.