Writing & Publishing, Minor

Program Description

If you are interested in publishing or writing for digital media, you may be interested in a Writing Minor.
The Minor in Writing requires courses in writing for digital media, publishing and narrative nonfiction, but also offers many electives, including poetry, fiction, and playwriting.

Program Curriculum

Requirements (19 credits)

1. Students must take the minor's three core courses:

WRT 370 Creative Nonfiction I

WRT 383 Writing for Digital Platforms

WRT 384 Publishing

2. Remaining credits may be taken from the following list of electives:

ENG 310 Close Reading the Sentence

ENG 495 Internship

WRT 371 Fiction I

WRT 372 Fiction II

WRT 373 Poetry I

WRT 374 Poetry II

WRT 375 Creative Nonfiction II

WRT 377 Playwriting

WRT 378 Creative Writing Special Topics

WRT 385 Writing About...

WRT 494 Creative Writing Independent Study

Total Credit Hours: 19