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Black Student Union D.C. Trip


On October 11-13th weekend the CCSU Black Student Union travelled with 50 students, 4 faculty, and a Program Advisor from Student Activities and Leadership Development to Washington D.C. The trip itinerary included Howard University Homecomings Yard Fest, Step Show, Homecoming Parade, Tailgate, and a trip to the National Museum for African American history complete with dinner at the famous Sweet Home Cafe.

Thanks to Nicole Glaude, BSU President, Nicari Martin, Alyah Fresnel, Savion Taylor Nehway Sahn, and Taijah Lucas for putting together a great memory for participants. Special acknowledgment to Dr. Evelyn Phillips, Dr. Sharinatu Fafunwa-Ndibe, and Dr. Wangari Gichiru for joining us and supporting this effort. Sue Sweeney and Janay Diaz from Student Activities and Leadership supported the BSU in making their arrangements as far back as June. A wonderful time was had by all. Thank You to the CCSU Student Government Association for supporting these opportunities for CCSU Students to participate in.