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Maria's Place Food Pantry

Maria’s Place, the Food Pantry at CCSU, was an initiative of the Newman House at CCSU, in collaboration with the Office of Community Engagement, Campus of Compassion and the Food Pantry Committee. The Food Pantry was opened in September 2018 and was named in loving memory of Maria A. Alvarez, who worked at CCSU for more than 32 years where she was loved by students, faculty and staff. 

In the summer of 2019, Dr. Toro assigned Maria’s Place to the Division of Student Affairs.  Discussions were held about the coordination of the Food Pantry during the summer and then, Dr. Jasek began working with Student Affairs Graduate Intern, Ms. Sarah McMahon.  Ms. McMahon has been coordinating staffing, and donations for the Food Pantry. She has also been working with Mr. Freddy Rios, who has been working at the Food Pantry since its inception.   Since graduating from CCSU, Mr. Rios has taken another position with Residence Life.  Ms. McMahon will continue to support Maria’s Place so that the Food Pantry will be open continuously during the year to support those students, staff and faculty who have need.