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New Student Programs

In December 2018, Ms. Maria Santilli was appointed the Director of New Student Programs.  This position was a newly formed position, which oversees and coordinates all First-Year and Transfer student Orientation Programs.  These programs are provided to students in the summer and winter, and Opening Day in August, while year-round meetings and coordination with campus faculty and staff are essential.  

Ms. Santilli has worked at CCSU since 2007 in various positions, coordinating conferences and student events, while training and supervising students.  She has worked to ensure quality programming while managing large conferences, committee projects and other organized events.  Ms. Santilli has provided leadership to students since 2007 and, with this experience and dedication, provides even greater leadership and guidance to CCSU’s 70 Orientation Leaders.  Ms. Santilli works with faculty and staff to engage our new students with both first-year and transfer student programs.  She works with numerous offices on campus, including Residence Life, the Student Center, Student Activities, Student Affairs, and Academic Affairs on these programs.  This past year, seven First-Year overnight programs and three Transfer programs were offered to incoming students.  Ms. Santilli’s enthusiasm and inclusivity is a key component of Orientation, and the welcoming process to the University.