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Student Affairs Teams

Two Student Affairs teams have been established. Teams are comprised of individuals across the Division and work on a task which goes beyond one department. The first team established was the Staff Development and Celebrations Committee. The Co-Chairs for the team are Sue Sweeny (SA/LD) and Jan Taddei (Student Affairs).

Committee members are:

Tanesha Fowler

Melina Lopez

Tiffany Moffo Simpson

Terry Moore

Jessica Ofray

Jonathan Pohl


We are currently working to establish the second team.  This team will be the Assessment Team and will focus on ways in which departments can generate data to assist in telling the story of Student Affairs. The Chair of the team is Shannon Jackson and the work of the team will start in January. More to come in the next few weeks.

I am excited about the team concept. For me, the teams allow two things to occur. One, people within the division get the opportunity to work with others outside of their department. And secondly, the teams allow for individuals with different expertise to work on a single aspect of our work. More teams will be created in the coming months.