School Group Tours

School group tours are available by appointment only. Tours are booked first come, first served and based on room and tour guide availability. Providing several potential tour dates in your request helps ensure your group is accommodated.

Generally, tours are offered at 10 am and 2 pm. Each begins with a 30-minute information session followed by a 90-minute walking tour of campus. Because rooms must be reserved for the information sessions, they only take place at 10 am and 2 pm. Walking tours have more time flexibility. However, they must stay within the 10 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 4pm time slot.

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, tours cannot be scheduled more than four weeks in advance. As fall progresses, we will continue to open new tour dates, so please check back regularly if the date you want is not currently available.

After booking your tour, you will receive a confirmation packet containing directions to campus, where to park, and where the room for your information session is located. You will also receive a campus map.

Currently, options for tour groups to eat in the campus dining halls are not available. However, CCSU offers two alternate options that should be requested when you schedule your tour:

  • Boxed Lunch: Boxed lunches are $10.30 per person. Please tell us the exact number of lunches you will need one week prior to the event. No changes can be made less than one week before your visit. You will be billed after your visit.
  • Bring Your Own: School groups often wish to bring their own lunches to campus. We are happy to work with our reservations office to find a room to accommodate your group. This option must be included in your campus tour request for us to be able to guarantee a space.

If you need to cancel or modify your tour days or weeks in advance, please contact us so the cancellation can be documented and potentially rescheduled. If you anticipate being late for your appointment or need to cancel it on the day it was scheduled, please contact the Admissions Office immediately.

Inclement Weather:
In the event of inclement weather, please check our website or call our storm phone at (860) 832-3333 to determine if your tour has been cancelled. Generally, tours will go on in light snow or rain.

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