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Why Choose CCSU?

Here you'll work with extraordinary professors in exciting courses that expand your vision, transform you, and prepare you for rewarding careers or help you advance.

You'll live in a vibrant, welcoming campus community where new and enduring friendships are formed.

You'll engage our communities and learn-by-doing in local schools, businesses, and clinics; create art; innovate business; inspire others; and have fun with friends and our neighbors.

Central is one of the
"Highest Return on Investment Colleges in Connecticut"


...of CCSU graduating students surveyed reported that their current job is related to their career goals (2016)


...of graduating students surveyed reported that CCSU prepared them well for life after graduation (2016)


Annually, college graduates in Connecticut earn $25,191 above what they would have earned with only a high school degree


Beyond the Classroom

Ever wonder what it's like to work on an archeological dig? Want to kick-start your journalism career with an internship at ESPN? Or maybe you want to see your work in an ad campaign. Our academic programs go beyond the classroom—way beyond, from neighboring communities to cities around the globe.

Engaging the Community

At Central you'll find an abundance of opportunities to engage our communities and to learn-by-doing in local schools, businesses, and clinics; to create art; to innovate business; to inspire others; and to enjoy a place to relax and have fun with each other and our neighbors.

In 2010, the Carnegie Foundation designated CCSU a Community Engaged Institution.

See for Yourself

Our beautiful campus in metropolitan New Britain offers state-of-the-art academic buildings, abundant green spaces, safe, accessible walkways, and more, creating a welcoming environment that instills pride in our students, faculty, and alumni.